Do you speak floriography, the language of flowers? From time immemorial, the gift of flowers has been humankind’s way of showing love, care, and friendship to others. But did you know there’s an actual language of flowers, a cryptic code with layered meanings? What does it mean to give a yellow rose to a friend? If you give a chrysanthemum to a Frenchman, will you insult him forever?

Let’s take a closer look at the secret language of flowers.

centrepiece arrangementIn the West, floriography arose in the Victorian era as a way of communicating messages and emotions that were otherwise considered to too risqué to be spoken in that most conservative of modern periods. Certain flowers and colours were carried quite specific meanings. The Victorians decorated themselves and their homes with flowers; flowers were simply everywhere. Each had its own significance. Even the position in which the flowers were placed was loaded with meaning! For example, a flower placed upright sent a positive message while its inverse, a flower placed downwards was negative.

Furthermore, the hand offering the flower, whether right or left, had its own special meaning too. If a gentleman offered a red rose to a lady with his right hand, he would be understood as professing his love to her as the right hand signified “yes”. What of the left hand? Sadly, this would be taken as a message of rejection to his erstwhile admirer. Such complexity! Over time, the Victorian language of flowers became so sophisticated, dictionaries were created to expose the complex, layered meanings of each flower, colour and gesture!

Tulip in gloss cubeIn our era, floriography has become somewhat more simplified. The hand with which a flower is given carries far less meaning today than it did 150 years ago unless, of course, one is a participant in a royal wedding. But, various flowers still retain meanings and associations just as they did in the past. Here are just a few of the more common meanings associated with some familiar flowers.

Aster – Also known as China, the gift of asters signifies faithfulness and fidelity. Giving an aster to your loved one tells her that you will keep her in your thoughts and heart, forever.

Bluebells – A gift of bluebells imparts gratitude and humbleness. Bluebells are the perfect gift for someone who has helped you through a difficult time in life.

• Cactus – Though slightly unusual, the cactus symbolises both endurance and burning love!

Diosma – The diosma retains a complicated meaning and is meant to symbolise the charm and elegance of the recipient.

• Maidenhair Fern – Give your secret love a maidenhair fern to let him know of your secret love and admiration!

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