5 Unique Floral Gift Ideas

Whether you’re hoping to surprise your special someone, or thinking of little gifts you could giveaway at your big event, a floral gift is always a good idea. Sure, you might be thinking, what else is there to do with flowers than to tie them up with a ribbon? Contrary to popular belief, there’s an entire world of different floral arrangements that florists can do to come up with wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime giftable and giveaways for the people near and dear to you. Hoping to buy flowers for someone special? These unique ideas just might have you placing that order.

Unique Floral Gift Ideas

1.         Flower Basket – It’s nice to order a floral bouquet in the mail, of course, but figuring out where to put it can be a real doozy for some recipients. A flower basket arrangement eliminates the need to find a jar, a vase, or a container for flowers and offers a very natural, organic, and cozy decorative touch to any interior. Flower baskets can be designed in a vast array of sizes making it a versatile and appropriate gift for nearly every occasion.

2.         Flower Bag – Becoming more and more popular is the flower bag. Usually constructed with a large leaf folded in half and adorned with countless colourful flowers, a flower bag can be the perfect gift wrapper for something special like a piece of jewellery or a heartfelt note. Flower bags are a specialty gift and are commonly crafted by more experienced florists, so make sure to ask about these before you choose a service to do it.

3.         Flower Cupcakes – For the sugar conscious gift recipient, this is the perfect idea. Florists have become more and more creative when it comes to crafting their gifts and knick knacks and this one proves to be among the most unique. Flower cupcakes are made of reinforced cupcake liners filled with foam or sometimes even soil. The flowers are arranged into the base to create a cupcake like shape, ideally given in groups. Flower cupcakes add a pleasantly delicate decorative touch to tables, windowsills, and basically any other surface in and around a house, making them a very popular choice for gift givers.

4.         Terrariums – Succulents have become a mainstay product in many florist shops because they’re easy to care for and easy to propagate. Plus, those stiff, water filled leaves come in a vast variety of shapes, colours, and sizes, making them irresistible to many plant enthusiasts. One of the best ways to prepare succulents as gifts is to create a small terrarium, which is basically a glass enclosure filled with rocks, soil, and small plants, imitating an actual outdoor terrain. A terrarium is an ecosystem of sorts, ideally created with indoor plants like succulents, but other small plants that don’t need to be watered too much or too often can also be included in the mix.

5.         Floral Monogram – If you’ve got yourself a skilled florist, then maybe he can cook you up a floral monogram. These are a bit tougher to create but are always a best seller and a wonderful floral gift idea. Some floral monograms can be crafted in smaller sizes, while other larger flowers can create monograms that are at least a few feet in length. Whatever the purpose, your special someone would definitely be more than happy to receive this extravagant floral gift. What are you waiting for? Be sure to buy floral gifts with Spearwood Florist Perth and sweep your special someone off their feet with these unique floral gift ideas.

How to Find the Best Flower Delivery Service In Canning Vale

flower courier for canning vale
flower courier for canning vale

If you want to send flowers to a special someone, you’ll want to be sure that you choose a flower delivery service that is top-notch. Our detailed guide is designed to help you select the perfect service for your needs. All flower delivery services are not created equal and our goal is to provide you with the advice that you need in order to perform careful and smart comparison-shopping.

It’s all about checking out different flower delivery services in order to see which ones offer the best prices, the most impressive customer service and the most reliable and prompt delivery services.

As well, you’ll want to choose a service which offers great variety in terms of bouquets and gift baskets.

Once you’ve found a florist with all of the right features in place, you’ll be ready to shop with total confidence.

Look for Competitive Prices

Sometimes, floral arrangements are pricey. After all, it takes a lot of work to produce fresh blossoms of the highest quality. In order to save money on the cost of sending a bouquet, you’ll need to compare prices among reputable flower delivery services. Doing so will be the smartest way to get a great deal.

The easiest way to compare is to do a basic search for a flower delivery service, via Google. For example, if you live in Canning Vale WA (Western Australia), performing a quick and simple Google search for “flower delivery in Canning Vale” or “Canning Vale florist” will bring up targeted results which you may use in order to compare prices.

Simply visit the first three or four florists in your search results. Look at the floral arrangements that you are interested in and make a note of prices. Naturally, you’ll also need to consider delivery charges. You may check out delivery fee information while you’re looking at prices.

Check Out an Affordable Florist

Female Florist holding a BouquetOnce you’ve found the cheapest arrangement of your preferred type, you should move onto the next step, which is checking out that florist online. This means looking at its BBB rating and reading customer reviews. A good florist will earn accolades from customers. Avoid any flower delivery service that gets many subpar reviews.

If the most affordable florist that you looked at also gets great reviews, you’re pretty safe choosing that company, as long as they’ll be able to deliver to your recipient, wherever the recipient is located. As well, you should make sure that the florist will be able to deliver the bouquet on time. Sometimes, florists are able to deliver fresh bouquets within hours of getting an order. Other times, it takes a bit longer, or a lot longer.

Order a Fresh Bouquet Today

pot arrangementSending flowers with Canning Vale florist online is such as thoughtful way to show that you’re thinking about another person. It’s old-fashioned, meaningful and always appreciated. In our fast-paced world, it’s possible to order bouquets online whenever you want to, from your mobile device or right from your own home. This makes it so easy to plan special floral gifts for friends and loved ones.

While the process of ordering flowers is now very high-tech, the gesture is timeless and this is why sending flowers is always a lovely and caring way to let someone know that you are thinking of them.

If you want to find a florist today, just follow our tips in order to find a great online supplier. Then, order your preferred bouquet, secure in the knowledge that a fresh, high-quality bouquet will be sent out to your chosen recipient, right on time. Florists will allow you to write a personal note which is included with your bouquet. Just type in the message and it will be hand-written on the note which comes with your flowers.

Looking to Send Flowers to Rockingham for a Wedding Reception or Party?

It’s been just a few months since my now husband and I celebrated our wonderful union in front of our friends and family by having our reception in my father-in-laws gorgeous Rockingham home in Perth. At first my father-in-law and then fiancé were a little sceptical believing we couldn’t possibly fit all of our guests and manage to find the right wedding planner and wedding decorations and accessories to turn the home of 62-year-old widower into the Cinderella-esque dreamscape I envisioned. Well, bless their hearts for enduring my panics, demands, and ultimately for catering to my long-held wishes, no matter how silly they seemed.

Wedding Arrangements from Rockingham Florist Made the Perfect Final Touch.

wedding floral centrepiece

We’d selected our wedding planner several months before our wedding in July. Everything was going smoothly and well ahead of schedule. Our planner had worked with Rockingham Florist before and recommended them to anyone looking to send floral gifts to Rockingham or any of the surrounding areas. At a Rockingham florist store, they have a selection of wedding and reception arrangements were so vast and wonderfully crafted, I agreed that there was no better choice.

We were working ahead of time so there were some flowers that weren’t yet in season, but the designers were able to show us wonderful colour sample from prior arrangements of what their creations would look like matched up with my decoration plans. We worked to narrow down our choices until we finally had that perfect colour theme and scheme. We were entirely in synch, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I was able to have my dream wedding and reception!

Disaster Averted. The Rockingham Florist Saved the Day.

I love my husband and my father-in-law very much… but sometimes the two of them together can…
My father-in-laws house was all but transformed just days before the reception. Tables were set. Decorations adorned the walls. Flower arrangements were set to arrive the day before. Everything is fine, right? Despite the detailed instructions with pictures that I left for my husband and father-in-law to help them receive and store the flowers the day before the reception, AND despite the conversation they had with the florist’s delivery person. They left the flowers sit in the boxes in Australia’s July weather for hours before they came back to take out the flowers to get a breather.

rockingham florist beach reception

That breather turned into another few hours and finally when one of them (this part isn’t clear to them apparently) recalled that putting them in the fridge helped the flowers now noticeable “sag,” they went into the freezer for what was supposed to be only an hour or so. The freezer! The night before.

I didn’t have time to be angry. And I’ m not sure there are words to express my feelings. I called the store the morning of and I could only imagine the high-paced chaos that must have gone on in their warehouse, because just hours later all new flowers arrived and the delivery people were kind enough to stick around and help set them up. What angels. (The Rockingham Florists, not my husband or father-in-law).

I’ll Be a Loyal Customer from Here to Eternity.

There are so many much more worse things that could have happened, I admit. But still having damaged flowers as centrepieces and arranged throughout the house and reception tent would have been pretty bad. Besides being embarrassed the moment my guests arrived, I probably would be embarrassed to show any photos of our reception if any of the damaged arrangements were present. The florist really came through, and because of that I’ll more than likely come to them for all of my floral arrangement needs from now on.

I love having flowers displayed in the house throughout the year, and since our wedding I’ve only purchased from https://spearwoodflorist.com.au/rockingham/. I’m already making plans to entertain our friends for both Christmas and New Year’s later this year, and without doubt I’m already thinking about floral decorations and working with the florist’s expert designers to create the perfect accent pieces. I know I’ll enjoy purchasing from them for years to come.

Posted by Annie McDonald, a happy customer residing in Rockingham, Western Australia.

An Introduction to the Boutonnière

The idea of ladies using flowers to adorn themselves is a commonplace concept for most. However, gentlemen can use a bit of flora as well. Not just for weddings, using a boutonnière can create a debonair and gallant look when added to the right suit.

What exactly is a boutonnière?

Boutonnière 3Simple put, a boutonnière is a single or small arrangement of flowers worn on a man’s jacket. Typically it is seen on the lapel or over over the heart. They can be comprised of either silk or real flowers, though typically they tend to be fresh and fragrant. Florists can create custom boutonnières for special occasions that are typically pinned on, or they can be as simple as a single flower tucked into the breast pocket. The type of flower or flowers used can be as varied as the wearers, though large flowers can become cumbersome to most and are generally avoided. In some cultures, particularly at weddings, the men will wear large garlands of flowers as symbolic decoration.

Where did boutonnières come from?

Boutonnière 2The practice of men adorning themselves with a single flower or a small bundle of them dates back as far as the middle-ages, if not possibly further. In those times it was not referred to as a boutonnière, instead it was a token of chivalry worn by a knight or lord when going into battle, either on the field or in the jousting lists. The flower, or other items such as a scarf or ribbon, was of a colour that represented his lady love.

The tradition continued over time and the meaning was adapted in different countries. Boutonnières, or “button hole flowers” as the term means can be noted in French paintings from the 16th century, though the trend was sensationalized by the English. The boutonnière become even more popular during the Victorian times when flowers were used to secretly express emotions that were otherwise forbidden conversations.

Boutonnières in more modern times.

BoutonnièreThe secret meanings, though, became less important as times changed and the simple boutonnière became more of a status symbol for classy gentlemen. Actors in the early 1900s wore them as a means to set the standard in appearance. Some, like Cary Grant, still kept their flower choice as symbolic. He wore a single red carnation that stands for royalty in his birth country of the United Kingdom. Though, the simplistic use of a single flower on a man’s lapel or over his breast pocket was a gentleman’s daily trend up through the 60s.

Its popularity dwindled and the use of them is not as common in everyday life like it had been. Fewer men wear daily boutonnières, most tend to reserve their use for special occasions, such as proms and weddings. It is no longer considered part of normal business attire, whereas the silk handkerchief in the pocket seems to of replaced the colourful floral accessory. Despite its falling out of popularity, it will always add a debonair touch to any man’s attire.

Perfectly Pretty in Pink

Because pink symbolizes love, it is a natural choice for many brides picking their wedding colours. The best quality of the colour pink is that it comes in so many different shades—hot pink, carnation pink, tickle-me-pink, magenta, bubblegum pink—it is an incredibly versatile colour. When it comes to wedding flowers, pink is a great choice because there are so many varieties of pink flowers in all different shades. Do you want to incorporate pink into a vibrant spring wedding? No problem! Are you going for a more traditional and timeless appeal? You can do that too. For those looking for more unique choices in their flowers, eschewing the usual wedding favourites, like roses, lilies, and orchids, yet still want to work with pink, there are many other pink flowers from which to choose—they just might not get as much attention. Check them out below!


AstilbeAstilbe is a type of plant with 18 different varieties, characterized by their fern-like foliage and gorgeous feathery flowers. They make magnificent accent pieces for bouquets as they add a nice pop of colour, especially when they’re in the midst of a lighter-coloured bouquet.

Sabatia angularis

Sabatia angularisThe sabatia angularis is native to the United States and blooms from July to August. This particular flower is a little smaller than most wedding flowers, but it grows in bunches, almost like a mini-bouquet. This is another great accent flower, especially if you live on the east or Gulf coast, where it grows natively.


DahliaThe Dahlia is found mainly in Mexico, though it also grows in other parts of Central America. They come in several different colours; the one pictured above is a shade called “sunset pink,” and there are and purple orange varieties as well. Sizes of these flowers do vary greatly, so keep that in mind if you want to use these as a focal point in your bouquet and arrangements.

Sweet Peas

Sweet PeasSweet peas are a delicate and fragrant flower perfect for summer or fall bouquet. They come in not only pink, but red, yellow, blue, purple, and white as well—you could have a colourful bouquet made of just these if you liked them enough to want that. They are smaller flowers with a very sweet and fragile look about them, and would make a great addition to a simple wedding theme.


CosmosFor the bride who wants to make hot pink splash at her wedding, there is the cosmos flower. It makes a bold statement that the pale pink rose and white lily just can’t match. The majority of cosmos species are found in Mexico, but some can be found in Florida, the southern part of the United States, Arizona, South America, and Central America

WIf you’re going pink for your wedding, think outside the rose, especially if you picked a spring or summer date. A vibrant and less-traditional pink flower offers a bright, cheery and unique look and, after all, isn’t that what the atmosphere at a wedding is supposed to be?

Five Gift Ideas for the Romantic in Your Life

red roses arrangementYour special someone deserves something special, particularly if they are a romantic at heart. Romantic people tend to yearn for love that is pictured in movies, music, and other art forms. They long to be kissed under an umbrella in the rain, or danced under a full moon. Romantic often have a huge heart, but have high expectations when it comes to special occasions.

However, not all of us are so romantically inclined. Many lovers and partners struggle to find a touching gift for that romantic person they care for so much. For some, romantic gifts are seen as pointless, useless, or indulgent. Romantics often enjoy sentimental, poignant, or even classic presents, and it can be hard for more practical individuals to find that perfect gift for their romantic lover. Here are a few gift ideas that could spark the imagination of your loving romantic partner.

Vintage Specialities

Nothing screams “romantic” like antique or vintage items. Head to an antique store and pick out something you know your romantic might enjoy – a picture frame is a great idea, but any item that they can see or use daily will suffice.

A romantic will see these old items and realize that each has it’s own story – every antique has a string of previous owners, and each vintage item has it’s own set of tales to tell. How many couples have used this picture frame before you bought it? What great romantic adventures did they have? Perhaps they kept pictures from their youth, and enjoy looking at them as they grew old together? The nostalgia is as comforting as it is mesmerizing.

Personalized Items

A romantic will get a kick out of something you’ve had specially inscribed or designed with your names on it. Everything from pyjamas and pillow cases to golden dipped roses can be specially inscribed, so get creative on this one.


Scrapbooks make for a wonderful, touching gift that is sure to make a romantic’s heart soar. Gather up pictures from your relationship and paste them together in an artful way.

Your significant other will see the gesture of scrapbook as an investment. You’ve invested your precious time and thought into carefully crafting a book that encapsulates some of the best parts of your relationship.

An Experience

This one can be a bit more tricky, but if done properly you can sweep that romantic right off of their feet. From a trip to the spa to a trip to the local amusement park, an experience can be one of the best ways to impress a romantic. Your knowledge of your partner will help here – always try to find somewhere they’ve wanted to go, or something they’ve always wanted to do. It can be as simple as driving up to a scenic outlook with a picnic basket.

Chocolates and Flowers

roses and chocolatesWhen all else fails, a romantic won’t turn down the classic presentation of chocolates and flowers.

Always be careful of your presentation when it comes to this choice. Try to pick chocolates you know they will enjoy – if they don’t like coconut, don’t buy a chocolate box that includes them.

The chocolate and flower pairing is great as a long-distance gift: if you can’t be there in person to give them to your significant other, it will be heart-warming for them to know you loved them enough to have them delivered. Be careful about where you get your flowers from, and try to always go local. For instance, if your lover lives or works in Australia, get flower delivery on-line – the flowers will still be fresh and presentable when they show up at your significant others door.

Tips for an Unforgettable Anniversary

anniversary floral arrangementAfter a few years of being in a relationship, it’s difficult to come up with new ideas that put that look of surprise on your significant other’s face anniversary after anniversary. We recognize this difficulty, which is why we’re offering up these tips to make sure your next anniversary is even more memorable than your first.

The Perfect Anniversary Date

What image comes to mind when you picture a boyfriend picking up his girlfriend for their two-year anniversary date. Let us paint one for you. It’s a crisp Autumn night. The boy pulls up in his freshly washed, jet-black corvette. His hair is slick; his tie knotted just right. He checks himself out in the rear-view mirror, pops in a breath mint, and begins to walk toward the front door. Meanwhile, the girlfriend has just finished straightening her hair. She applies her fire-house red lipstick, which pairs perfectly with her scarlet dress. She hears the doorbell. Her eyes light up. Slowly she strides down the stairs, primps her hair in the hallway mirror, and opens the front door. Standing there is the boy, dressed to the nines in a newly tailored suit, but his girlfriend doesn’t even notice. Why? She’s blinded by the shimmering bouquet of freshly pruned anniversary flowers. She beams with happiness…

Flowers are a good start, but…..

red roses in vaseOf course, anniversary flowers are an essential ingredient in cooking up the perfect anniversary date, but don’t let your affection stop there. A gourmet food basket or fruit basket could be the perfect appetizer for an evening of love and romance. Oh, and whatever you do, don’t forget the wine!

Turn your Anniversary into a Memory

anniversary printed rosesA night out on the town, anniversary flowers, gourmet food, wine; these all contribute to an enjoyable anniversary date, but if you really want her to remember this night, you have to take it one step further. People tend to underestimate the sentimental value of a teddy bear. Think back to when you were a little kid. Who kept you safe at night? Who listened to all of your wild ideas? Who stayed your best friend no matter what? For many of us, it was our trusted, soft teddy bear. Give her a teddy bear to serve as a symbol of your love for years to come. Every time she looks at it, picks it up, cuddles with it, she’ll be reminded of her wonderful man, and his thoughtful sentimentality. Brownie points for life!

It’s Easier than you Think

Guys, make note: it doesn’t take a jet-black corvette, a newly tailored suit, or a slick head of hair to make your woman smile. Sometimes, the flowers are all you need, and we’ve made it incredibly easy for you. Through our online stores, you can send anniversary flowers with just a few clicks. As if that weren’t easy enough, we offer same day too. And don’t forget our policy: free delivery for every orders placed through the website! So if you need an anniversary flower delivery, look no further. Check out our product line and begin planning your perfect anniversary date today.

The Secret Language of Flowers

Do you speak floriography, the language of flowers? From time immemorial, the gift of flowers has been humankind’s way of showing love, care, and friendship to others. But did you know there’s an actual language of flowers, a cryptic code with layered meanings? What does it mean to give a yellow rose to a friend? If you give a chrysanthemum to a Frenchman, will you insult him forever?

Let’s take a closer look at the secret language of flowers.

centrepiece arrangementIn the West, floriography arose in the Victorian era as a way of communicating messages and emotions that were otherwise considered to too risqué to be spoken in that most conservative of modern periods. Certain flowers and colours were carried quite specific meanings. The Victorians decorated themselves and their homes with flowers; flowers were simply everywhere. Each had its own significance. Even the position in which the flowers were placed was loaded with meaning! For example, a flower placed upright sent a positive message while its inverse, a flower placed downwards was negative.

Furthermore, the hand offering the flower, whether right or left, had its own special meaning too. If a gentleman offered a red rose to a lady with his right hand, he would be understood as professing his love to her as the right hand signified “yes”. What of the left hand? Sadly, this would be taken as a message of rejection to his erstwhile admirer. Such complexity! Over time, the Victorian language of flowers became so sophisticated, dictionaries were created to expose the complex, layered meanings of each flower, colour and gesture!

Tulip in gloss cubeIn our era, floriography has become somewhat more simplified. The hand with which a flower is given carries far less meaning today than it did 150 years ago unless, of course, one is a participant in a royal wedding. But, various flowers still retain meanings and associations just as they did in the past. Here are just a few of the more common meanings associated with some familiar flowers.

Aster – Also known as China, the gift of asters signifies faithfulness and fidelity. Giving an aster to your loved one tells her that you will keep her in your thoughts and heart, forever.

Bluebells – A gift of bluebells imparts gratitude and humbleness. Bluebells are the perfect gift for someone who has helped you through a difficult time in life.

• Cactus – Though slightly unusual, the cactus symbolises both endurance and burning love!

Diosma – The diosma retains a complicated meaning and is meant to symbolise the charm and elegance of the recipient.

• Maidenhair Fern – Give your secret love a maidenhair fern to let him know of your secret love and admiration!

birthday flowersHere at Blooms Weddings Florist, we know how important it is to say “I love you”, whatever the occasion. Whether an anniversary, wedding, or birthday, the gift of flowers can say so much. In our website, you can find everything you need to celebrate your birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Apart from flower baskets, you can also choose gourmet food baskets, fruit baskets, wine, teddy bears, soft toys and balloons. Visit our website us for all your floral needs. We’ll be glad you did!


Garlic and Sage? The Origins of the Modern Bridal Bouquet

A Brief History of the Bridal Bouquet

Brides of all ages, from hundreds of different countries with thousands of different traditions have tended to have one thing in common. It has often been customary for the bride to carry a flowers as a bouquet, or to have flowers or plants woven into her hair or gown. Sometimes for beauty, to bring good fortune or, at marriage ceremonies long ago, to ward off evil spirits.

bridesmaids in green with wedding bouquetIn ancient times, the bridal arrangements may have been heavier on the herbal than the floral. Garlic, sage and other medicinal plants were especially prized for their ability to ward off evil spirits. Some civilizations ensured that orange blossoms were incorporated into floral arrangements to symbolize fertility. While in others, women would walk down the aisle with sheaves of wheat in her arms. This was believed to bring her, her husband and their future family good crops and prosperity.

Nowadays, most women are more concerned with coordinating their bouquets to match their magnificent dresses and banquet arrangements. Garlic may be permissible on the buffet, but it would most certainly spoil the scent of a girl’s favourite perfume! Syle and beauty are far more important considerations when it comes to bridal bouquets than symbolism and magical properties.

But that’s not always been the case when it comes to flowers, floral arrangements and their place in a wedding ceremony.

The First hand-Picked Flowers, Plants and Bouquets Appeared in Ancient Egypt

Bride and Bridesmaids with BouquetsIt is believed that the first bouquets were arranged in Ancient Egypt as far back as 2500 BC. Herbs, flowers and grasses went into these displays. Sacred plants, flowers and herbs were also placed in bowls and as wreaths. Often a wreaths would be placed around the neck of a house guest. This tradition continues in Hawaii, with the giving of “lei” to show affection and welcome visitors. It is a popular custom throughout the Pacific islands and possibly originated in likely originated in Polynesia.

It is also common in Thailand and some other South-east Asian countries to present guests with a necklace of flowers and they are also used to decorate figures at Buddhist shrines. India too, has a long history of gifting floral arrangements as a show of friendship and hospitality.

The first bridal bouquets women carried down the aisle were simple affairs. Pretty, but intended more as a symbol of fertility than a fashionable and expensive wedding accessory. In Ancient Rome, brides would have herbs or flowers woven into their hair instead. Women in Ancient Greece often incorporated ivy into their wedding accessories at marriage ceremonies. Long a symbol of everlasting love., it was believed to ensure the newly-wed couple would enjoy a lengthy and loving marriage. Ivy is still commonly used to decorate bouquets and banquet halls at Greek wedding celebrations today.

The Original Bridal Bouquets in Western Societies

The Dutch are believed to be the first to experiment with ornate flower arrangements. Many famous Dutch painters used were inspired by the colours and textures of the floral displays and many famous paintings resulted. By the Victorian era, different flowers and their colours represented different emotions and sent a message to the person whom received them. It was essential to speak “The Language of Flowers” as it was called, when sending flowers or incorporating them into marriage celebrations.

Contemporary Bridal Bouquet Styles


Nosegay bouquetLadies who like roses and lilies often opt to bear this style of bouquet as they take their walk down the aisle. Tight and compact arrangements that have been a favourite of brides since medieval times.


Cascading bouquetThis style of arrangement is full of flowers at the top. But the beauty doesn’t end there. The trail of flowers, vines and tendrils continue to “cascade” downwards. One of the most classic of classic cascades would be the bouquet chosen by Lady Diane for her wedding to Prince Charles.


Only the best blossoms are chosen and then arranged into a wrist-mounted bouquet. It is elegant and reminiscent of the classic choices our mothers and grandmothers may have made.


Hand-Tied BouquetHand tied bouquets have become popular in recent years, possibly reflecting some brides preferences for admiring and exhibiting flowers in a more natural state. Not fussy, or over-organized, these arrangements make room for blossoms, buds, stems and all.


If you can dream it, you’ll be able to find a florist who’ll build it. Contemporary or classic, nothing is out of bounds. The bridal bouquet should be (almost) as beautiful as the bride, and every bit as unique.

Bridal Bouquets Abroad; East meets West

Japan is one of many countries where marriage ceremonies are emulating those we have in the west. Some young Japanese couples still choose to have only one traditional Buddhist wedding ceremony. In this situation a bride does not carry a bouquet. Increasingly however, brides and grooms are choosing to arrange a Western-style wedding. Some even opt to celebrate twice and have one of each!

Despite the fact that these couples do not consider themselves Christian, the Western-style ceremony will typically involve the white dress, the bridesmaids and of course, an elaborate bouquet. They can closely resemble the common styles mentioned above. Depending on the bride however, they can be incredibly unique creations that incorporate the elements of “ikebana”

This the ancient art of flower arranging that came from China to Japan many years ago. To a non-Japanese, such bridal bouquets may seem simple. But to the refined eye they are works of art. Also, Buddhism believes that all of life, including plants and flowers, is sacred. Hence ikebana practitioners often tried to create as much beauty as possible with as few cut flowers as possible.

Other Bridal Bouquet Traditions

BouquetThe practice of the bride throwing the bouquet may have come from a somewhat similar ritual in Ancient Greece. When the bride arrived at her new home following the marriage ceremony, she would light the lanterns at her new home with a torch. The flame would be extinguished and she would toss the torch over her shoulder. The first to catch it would receive the good luck she carried on her wedding day.

The French apparently added the modern twist to this aged tradition. New brides now carried bouquets not burned out torches, Willingness to spread their good fortune, the new bride would toss the bouquet at the end of the wedding ceremony. It was (and still often is!) believed that the lucky lady who catches the bride’s bouquet may be the next in line for a wedding!