Whether you’re hoping to surprise your special someone, or thinking of little gifts you could giveaway at your big event, a floral gift is always a good idea. Sure, you might be thinking, what else is there to do with flowers than to tie them up with a ribbon? Contrary to popular belief, there’s an entire world of different floral arrangements that florists can do to come up with wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime giftable and giveaways for the people near and dear to you. Hoping to buy flowers for someone special? These unique ideas just might have you placing that order.

Unique Floral Gift Ideas

1.         Flower Basket – It’s nice to order a floral bouquet in the mail, of course, but figuring out where to put it can be a real doozy for some recipients. A flower basket arrangement eliminates the need to find a jar, a vase, or a container for flowers and offers a very natural, organic, and cozy decorative touch to any interior. Flower baskets can be designed in a vast array of sizes making it a versatile and appropriate gift for nearly every occasion.

2.         Flower Bag – Becoming more and more popular is the flower bag. Usually constructed with a large leaf folded in half and adorned with countless colourful flowers, a flower bag can be the perfect gift wrapper for something special like a piece of jewellery or a heartfelt note. Flower bags are a specialty gift and are commonly crafted by more experienced florists, so make sure to ask about these before you choose a service to do it.

3.         Flower Cupcakes – For the sugar conscious gift recipient, this is the perfect idea. Florists have become more and more creative when it comes to crafting their gifts and knick knacks and this one proves to be among the most unique. Flower cupcakes are made of reinforced cupcake liners filled with foam or sometimes even soil. The flowers are arranged into the base to create a cupcake like shape, ideally given in groups. Flower cupcakes add a pleasantly delicate decorative touch to tables, windowsills, and basically any other surface in and around a house, making them a very popular choice for gift givers.

4.         Terrariums – Succulents have become a mainstay product in many florist shops because they’re easy to care for and easy to propagate. Plus, those stiff, water filled leaves come in a vast variety of shapes, colours, and sizes, making them irresistible to many plant enthusiasts. One of the best ways to prepare succulents as gifts is to create a small terrarium, which is basically a glass enclosure filled with rocks, soil, and small plants, imitating an actual outdoor terrain. A terrarium is an ecosystem of sorts, ideally created with indoor plants like succulents, but other small plants that don’t need to be watered too much or too often can also be included in the mix.

5.         Floral Monogram – If you’ve got yourself a skilled florist, then maybe he can cook you up a floral monogram. These are a bit tougher to create but are always a best seller and a wonderful floral gift idea. Some floral monograms can be crafted in smaller sizes, while other larger flowers can create monograms that are at least a few feet in length. Whatever the purpose, your special someone would definitely be more than happy to receive this extravagant floral gift. What are you waiting for? Be sure to buy floral gifts with Spearwood Florist Perth and sweep your special someone off their feet with these unique floral gift ideas.