It’s been just a few months since my now husband and I celebrated our wonderful union in front of our friends and family by having our reception in my father-in-laws gorgeous Rockingham home in Perth. At first my father-in-law and then fiancé were a little sceptical believing we couldn’t possibly fit all of our guests and manage to find the right wedding planner and wedding decorations and accessories to turn the home of 62-year-old widower into the Cinderella-esque dreamscape I envisioned. Well, bless their hearts for enduring my panics, demands, and ultimately for catering to my long-held wishes, no matter how silly they seemed.

Wedding Arrangements from Rockingham Florist Made the Perfect Final Touch.

wedding floral centrepiece

We’d selected our wedding planner several months before our wedding in July. Everything was going smoothly and well ahead of schedule. Our planner had worked with Rockingham Florist before and recommended them to anyone looking to send floral gifts to Rockingham or any of the surrounding areas. At a Rockingham florist store, they have a selection of wedding and reception arrangements were so vast and wonderfully crafted, I agreed that there was no better choice.

We were working ahead of time so there were some flowers that weren’t yet in season, but the designers were able to show us wonderful colour sample from prior arrangements of what their creations would look like matched up with my decoration plans. We worked to narrow down our choices until we finally had that perfect colour theme and scheme. We were entirely in synch, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I was able to have my dream wedding and reception!

Disaster Averted. The Rockingham Florist Saved the Day.

I love my husband and my father-in-law very much… but sometimes the two of them together can…
My father-in-laws house was all but transformed just days before the reception. Tables were set. Decorations adorned the walls. Flower arrangements were set to arrive the day before. Everything is fine, right? Despite the detailed instructions with pictures that I left for my husband and father-in-law to help them receive and store the flowers the day before the reception, AND despite the conversation they had with the florist’s delivery person. They left the flowers sit in the boxes in Australia’s July weather for hours before they came back to take out the flowers to get a breather.

rockingham florist beach reception

That breather turned into another few hours and finally when one of them (this part isn’t clear to them apparently) recalled that putting them in the fridge helped the flowers now noticeable “sag,” they went into the freezer for what was supposed to be only an hour or so. The freezer! The night before.

I didn’t have time to be angry. And I’ m not sure there are words to express my feelings. I called the store the morning of and I could only imagine the high-paced chaos that must have gone on in their warehouse, because just hours later all new flowers arrived and the delivery people were kind enough to stick around and help set them up. What angels. (The Rockingham Florists, not my husband or father-in-law).

I’ll Be a Loyal Customer from Here to Eternity.

There are so many much more worse things that could have happened, I admit. But still having damaged flowers as centrepieces and arranged throughout the house and reception tent would have been pretty bad. Besides being embarrassed the moment my guests arrived, I probably would be embarrassed to show any photos of our reception if any of the damaged arrangements were present. The florist really came through, and because of that I’ll more than likely come to them for all of my floral arrangement needs from now on.

I love having flowers displayed in the house throughout the year, and since our wedding I’ve only purchased from I’m already making plans to entertain our friends for both Christmas and New Year’s later this year, and without doubt I’m already thinking about floral decorations and working with the florist’s expert designers to create the perfect accent pieces. I know I’ll enjoy purchasing from them for years to come.

Posted by Annie McDonald, a happy customer residing in Rockingham, Western Australia.